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There’s nothing worse than taking your car to a repair shop and getting unnecessary repairs.

We all have stories or have heard stories about mechanics that lie and overcharge on services. 

To avoid getting ripped off by a mechanic you should follow the tips below.

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For all the people who want to keep their cars as long as possible – and make fewer donations to your mechanic while keeping the integrity of your OEM Parts, this is for you.

Cars are built to last far longer than people imagine. The difference between a rusty clunker and a pretty sports car is how the previous owners decided to take car of it.

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Automobile front and rear wheels are aligned to design specifications for how they “tilt” inward or outward (camber and caster; toe-in and toe-out) with respect to the steering, axles and frame of the automobile. Mileage, road conditions and quality of driving eventually work to change your car’s original factory condition

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The important tire rating and size information appears on the sidewall to conform to the Uniform Tire Quality Grading standard (UTQG) of the federal government. Numbers appear for tread wear, traction ability and temperature compatibility.

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The check engine light or icon on your dashboard indicates that the electronic engine management system (engine computer) has detected an error condition while performing its functions and checks. With our advanced diagnostic equipment, Elevation Auto can quickly determine the source of the condition, correct the condition or advise you

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