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There’s nothing worse than taking your car to a repair shop and getting unnecessary repairs.

We all have stories or have heard stories about mechanics that lie and overcharge on services. 

To avoid getting ripped off by a mechanic you should follow the tips below.


  • Tip #1:  Always Check References – If you’re going to a new mechanic, be sure to do a little research.  Try to find reviews about their work.  Also see if they have any customer references on their website.


  • Tip #2:  Get A Second Opinion – If something seems fishy or the repair estimate seems too high, get a second opinion.  There’s nothing wrong with shopping around, especially if you’re spending a lot of money on a repair.


  • Tip #3:  Ask To See The Problem – A good mechanic will take you out to your vehicle and show you the problem before doing any repairs.  If a mechanic doesn’t show you the problem, ask them to show it to you.

Following these three tips will help you avoid getting scammed by a bad mechanic.  When talking with your mechanic, check to see if they use parts made by the manufacturer.

For example if you have a Toyota, you would want to ask them if they use genuine OEM parts.  These types of parts are specifically engineered for your vehicle, which improves performance.

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