Timing Belt Replacement for Your Nissan Automobile

One of the most recognized required maintenance procedures on many Nissan and Infinity vehicles is the replacement of the timing belt. American Nissan recommends the replacement of the timing belt at specific intervals, based on mileage, age of the vehicle and climate / temperatures that your Nissan or Infinity vehicle is primarily operated in. On most Nissan and Infinity vehicles, failure of the timing belt can cause critical internal engine damage, so it’s important to check the timing belt on your Nissan and Infinity vehicles at the scheduled intervals as outlined in the Nissan Service Manuals and the Maintenance Section of the Owners Manual. Elevation Auto always installs Genuine Nissan timing belts in the replacement procedure along with applicable camshaft seals, balance shaft seals, water pumps and accessory drive belts. In Colorado Springs, you can always trust Elevation Auto for all service and maintenance issues involving Nissan cars, Nissan vans, Nissan trucks, Nissan SUVs and Infinity vehicles.