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You need to get routine service on your vehicle to ensure that it runs smoothly.  Elevation Auto provides a wide range of services, including what is listed below.  We recommend that you get the following services:

Routine Maintenance (Every 3 -6 months or every 3,000 miles):

  • Air Filter Inspection
  • Brake and Hose Inspection
  • CV Boots Inspection
  • Exhaust and Cooling System Inspection
  • Fuel Line and Connecitons Inspection
  • Ignition System Inspection
  • Lights Inspection
  • Oil and Filter Service
  • Suspension Inspection
  • Tire Pressure Inspection
  • Tire Wear Inspection
  • Top Off Fluids
  • Underbody Inspection

Moderate Maintenance Checks:

  • Recommended at mileage: 45k, 75k, 105k, 135k, 165k, 195k, 225k, 255k, 285k
  • Adjust Rear and Parking Brakes
  • Flush and Replace Brake Fluid
  • Replace Engine Coolant
  • Routine Service
  • Tighten Suspension Bolts

Major Maintence Checks:

  • Recommended at mileage:  30k, 60k, 90k, 120k, 150k, 180k, 240k, 270k
  • Replace oil and engine oil filter
  • Change transmission Fluid
  • Change Rear Differential Fluid or VTM fluid(4x4 Vehicles)
  • Replace air filter and incabin micron filters
  • Drive Belt Adjustment
  • Rear and Parking Brake Adjustment
  • Spark Plug Replacement
  • Tighten Suspension Bolts

Please call us at (719) 522-1291.

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